COVID Transportation Guidelines:

School Bus Transportation Guidelines

Student Seat Assignment Protocol

Badger Bus Sanitation Commitment

Madison Metro COVID Protocols

Behavior on Yellow Buses
The District’s Student Conduct and Discipline Plan applies to regular, yellow bus transportation.  Consequently, behavioral expectations for students are the same on the yellow bus as they are in school.  If a student engages in misconduct while on a yellow bus, the bus driver is required to report the misconduct to the school principal or his/her designee within 24 hours of the incident.  The principal may discipline a student for his/her misconduct in accordance with the Student Conduct and Discipline Plan up to and including suspension and/or an expulsion recommendation.  The building principal may also revoke a student’s riding privileges.  See Board Policy 4213.

Behavior on Madison Metro Transit
The District does not have the authority to suspend or expel a student for his/her behavior on a Madison Metro bus unless such behavior occurs while the student is at school or under the supervision of a school authority or the behavior, which occurs while the student is not at school or under the supervision of a school authority, endangers the property, health or safety of others at school or under the supervision of a school authority or endangers the property, health or safety of an employee or school board member.

The District may engage students in preventative or restorative measures/practices to address student behavior on Madison Metro buses.
Madison Metro has a separate passenger code of conduct for riders.  Madison Metro is charged with enforcing the passenger code of conduct and may revoke riding privileges. If a student has his/her riding privileges revoked by Madison Metro, the District is not obligated to provide an alternative form of transportation.  In addition, a student’s bus pass may be restricted based on his/her behavior.

Video Cameras on Buses
Both yellow buses and Madison Metro buses have video cameras onboard that capture moving images of the riders.  The cameras on the yellow buses do not capture audio; therefore conversations and other sounds are not recorded on yellow buses.  However, audio is recorded by the cameras on the Madison Metro buses.

Upon reviewing a video provided by Madison Metro, pursuant to Board Policy 4156, the District may release a student’s name, present address and telephone listing to Madison Metro Transit.  Prior to release, Madison Metro must affirm, in writing, that it intends to use the information for  investigating and/or imposing discipline pursuant to the terms of Madison Metro’s passenger code of conduct.