Badger BusCOVID Transportation Guidelines:

School Bus Transportation Guidelines

Student Seat Assignment Protocol

Badger Bus Sanitation Commitment

Badger Bus Lines


  • Regular Yellow School Bus Services: 608-298-5471
  • Specialized Transportation Services: 608-298-5470 
  • All services after 5:00pm: 608-310-4892


Please remember to arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the published stop time.

Please note that PM (drop off) times have been estimated. Please be aware: 

- The bus could be early, but will wait until the established drop off time.

- The bus could be late due to road conditions, traffic, student interaction, etc...

Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility for student safety while walking to, waiting at and walking from bus stop locations.

Employment Opportunity:

Are you interested in an employment opportunity as a School Bus Driver or a Bus Attendant?

Contact Badger Bus Lines directly at 608-310-4870

2020 - 2021 School Year Route Information  - Not available.

Madison METRO Logo

Madison Metro Transit

Phone: 608-266-4466


Call Madison Metro for specific route information.

The best way to obtain Madison METRO route and stop information, is to use Google Maps at

Cab/Taxi Service Providers:

All typical cab/taxi service transportation arrangements are set up by Transportation Services as dictated by current procedures and coordinated through appropriate school staff.

School staff can set up school funded cab/taxi services that do not fall within the scope of services coordinated by Transportation Services (for example; after hours,  special circumstances during the school day, etc...).

Although Parents/Guardians will not be able to add or change any service, they are encouraged to cancel rides whenever students will not be utilizing scheduled cab/taxi service to avoid being classified as a "no load" and incurring the associated fees.

To inquire about the status of a specific ride that should be in progress, parents/guardians or school staff can contact Transportation Services during normal working hours. Before or after normal working hours, the cab/taxi service provider can be contacted:

Green Cab - Phone: 608-255-1234

Madison Taxi - Phone: 608-255-8294

Union Cab - Phone: 608-242-2000

Transportation Services (a department within Administrative Services) - 4711 Pflaum Road, Madison, WI 53718

Transportation Services Staff:

Michael LaCount, Transportation Coordinator, Regular, 4K, Metro Transit, and Private School

(608) 442-2898 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Bob Byington, Transportation Coordinator, Specialized and Alternative

(608) 663-5288 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Amanda Nagel, Administrative Assistant, Transportation Services (TEP)

(608) 442-2897 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

ROUTES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE...Our bus company and school staff will communicate directly with impacted parents/students in advance.

ANY REQUESTS FOR CHANGES MUST BE MADE IN WRITING...Email your request to Transportation Services. 

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER OR AN ATTENDANT? Contact the above school bus company directly.