Badger BusBadger Bus Lines


  • Regular Yellow School Bus Services: 608-298-5471
  • Specialized Transportation Services: 608-298-5470 
  • All services after 5:00pm: 608-310-4892


Please remember to arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the published stop time.

Please note that PM (drop off) times have been estimated. Please be aware: 

- The bus could be early, but will wait until the established drop off time.

- The bus could be late due to road conditions, traffic, student interaction, etc...

Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility for student safety while walking to, waiting at and walking from bus stop locations.

Employment Opportunity:

Are you interested in an employment opportunity as a School Bus Driver or a Bus Attendant?

Contact Badger Bus Lines directly at 608-310-4870

2019 - 2020 School Year Routes - Always subject to change.

Route Documents (Click school name for that school's route documents OR "Stop Times" for Monday early release stop times)

NOTE: You may need to refresh your screen once you open up a route document to gain access to the latest version.

4K transportation route and stop information can be obtained from the school office or in Infinite Campus for each student.

Madison METRO Logo

Madison Metro Transit

Phone: 608-266-4466


Call Madison Metro for specific route information.

The best way to obtain Madison METRO route and stop information, is to use Google Maps at

Cab/Taxi Service Providers:

All typical cab/taxi service transportation arrangements are set up by Transportation Services as dictated by current procedures and coordinated through appropriate school staff.

School staff can set up school funded cab/taxi services that do not fall within the scope of services coordinated by Transportation Services (for example; after hours,  special circumstances during the school day, etc...).

Although Parents/Guardians will not be able to add or change any service, they are encouraged to cancel rides whenever students will not be utilizing scheduled cab/taxi service to avoid being classified as a "no load" and incurring the associated fees.

To inquire about the status of a specific ride that should be in progress, parents/guardians or school staff can contact Transportation Services during normal working hours. Before or after normal working hours, the cab/taxi service provider can be contacted:

Green Cab - Phone: 608-255-1234

Madison Taxi - Phone: 608-255-8294

Union Cab - Phone: 608-242-2000

NOTE: Badger CAB is not on this list as they allow for ride shares (meaning students can be placed in a cab/taxi with unknown passengers).

Transportation Services (a department within Administrative Services) - 4711 Pflaum Road, Madison, WI 53718

Transportation Services Staff:

Michael LaCount, Transportation Coordinator, Regular, 4K, Metro Transit, and Private School

(608) 442-2898 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Bob Byington, Transportation Coordinator, Specialized and Alternative

(608) 663-5288 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Amanda Nagel, Administrative Assistant, Transportation Services (TEP)

(608) 442-2897 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

ROUTES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE...Our bus company and school staff will communicate directly with impacted parents/students in advance.

ANY REQUESTS FOR CHANGES MUST BE MADE IN WRITING...Email your request to Transportation Services. 

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER OR AN ATTENDANT? Contact the above school bus company directly.