School Bus

Transportation Services is a department within Administrative Services.


Pupil transportation is an integral part of our educational system. Therefore,
the goal of the Madison Metropolitan School District is to provide safe, efficient, and economical transportation for all eligible students residing within the school district boundaries, under provisions of the appropriate Wisconsin State Statutes and Board of Education policy.


YELLOW BUS SERVICE The District currently contracts with Badger Bus Lines to provide yellow bus service to students. Yellow bus service drivers and other staff are not District employees and work directly for Badger Bus Lines.

MADISON METRO TRANSIT The District does not generally provide transportation to middle- and high-school-aged students (grades six through twelve). Rather, the District and City of Madison work cooperatively to ensure that Madison Metro Transit routes are available to students as a primary means of transportation.


If you have questions regarding transportation, you may find that your child’s teacher or school staff can help. If not, please feel free to contact the Transportation Coordinator responsible for the transportation being provided:

REGULAR BUS SERVICE: For questions regarding regular transportation (including 4K students), contact Michael LaCount at (608) 442-2898 or

SPECIALIZED/ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION: If your child receives specialized transportation based on his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or receives other alternative transportation services, contact Bob Byington at (608) 663-5288 or

TRANSITION EDUCATION PROGRAM (TEP) TRANSPORTATION: If your child receives alternative transportation services related to TEP, contact Sandra Mell at (608) 442-2897 or

MADISON METRO TRANSIT If you have questions regarding Madison Metro Transit, they can be reached at (608) 266-4466.


Our department is committed to providing our students and parents with the best customer service possible. If you have any issues, complaints or feedback, please do contact the appropriate individual (above). Feedback is always welcome. If you have experienced an issue that presents an opportunity for us to improve, please provide us with specific details (for example - date, approximate time, school, route, etc...). 


Regular Education 4K Transportation and K-12 Transportation Exceptions.